Faber: noun  (from Latin) - artisan, craftsman, architect, creator, maker, forger, smith

On Faber

Faber is a new company founded on old values with a mission to restore care and integrity to the realm of property development. Architect Andreas Martin-Löf has partnered with committed investors who share the belief that good development is born from championing craft over commerce. Together, we have a commitment to build better to our best ability.

At Faber we respect the symbiotic relationship between context and content, small detail and big picture, short term and long term, past and future. We prioritise the human experience of the people who will inhabit our properties. This requires an intrinsic understanding of the connections between urbanism and architecture, construction and craft, of people and potential. The results are habitable homes of enduring quality with soul; the legacy is a building culture of principle and pride.